Adam and Adrienne-Early Morning Coffee Session-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

It was a late night, and a long weekend. Sleep was cut short by the sound of my alarm. Normally this is where the hand snakes out, hits snooze, and nudges Kelly. Its my way of sleeping and trying to get her up for work. Ava our lab, jumps onto the bed, and kisses Kelly while whining for me to take her out. This Monday morning, it was so early that even Ava wanted to stay in bed. I took a cold shower to wake up, and made my way outside. I was heading into Regent Square for an engagement session that by most standards was taking place way to early.

Leaving early means I missed all the traffic. With time to kill, I headed to Square Cafe, ordered 3 cappuccino’s and enjoyed the realization that mornings are beautiful. Most people hate mornings because it signifies another day at work. For me, its when I take care of the dog, then grind some coffee as the water boils. Its a morning ritual. Wake up. Nudge Kelly. Turn on the shower. Take care of Ava. Make Coffee. By the time I push the plunger on the French Press, Kelly is getting ready for work. Im watching the news.

This morning was different. No Ava. No waking Kelly. No time for coffee.

The sun was low in the sky when I pulled up to Adam and Adrienne’s new home. We had shot an engagement session in December, and a miserable winter mist had covered Pittsburgh. At one point, I had to put my camera under my jacket because mist had turned to a freezing rain. They were troopers and we kept shooting. Finishing inside for a few more photos while they talked and enjoyed a cocktail. On this Monday, it was perfect. Their neighborhood was quietly waking up, as I handed them their coffee. We headed onto the porch to shoot. All the images were shot within a block of their home. Great light, and love are all that are required for great photos. I can supply the light in the event of bad weather. The rest is up to you.

Enjoy the photos.

Dani and Tom

Last Saturday we had a beautiful day in between more than 40 days of rain. That happened to be perfect because I was meeting Dani and Tom for an engagement session at Linn Run State Park in beautiful Ligonier, Pa.

Dani and Tom, Enjoy, and I am looking forward to your wedding in September.









Fall Portraits: Pittsburgh Portrait Photography: Laurel Highland Country Session

A wonderful portrait session on the farm in the Laurel Highlands

This is Rose. My sister had to put down her dog of 15 years. So this is in memory of one of the greatest dogs ever. When we were younger, and Rose would go on vacation with us to Lake Erie, Rose would swim out and follow her around until she came back to shore. The truth is, I think my sister was Rosie’s puppy. She will be greatly missed.