Summer has started (unofficially)

Summer in Pittsburgh is a crazy time for photographers. With nearly every weekend booked with a wedding or a shoot between now and October, a few open weekends are time best spent with family and friends, fishing, brewing, biking, and cooking.

We started the weekend in Pittsburgh, and then headed up to the family farm in the Laurel Highlands, for some fly fishing, and cooking out.

Then ended back in Oakmont on Monday so that I could cover a few Memorial Day Parades for the Valley News Dispatch (CLICK TO SEE THE PHOTOS AND READ THE ARTICLE)


I hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and are ready for the adventures ahead.

India-Mumbai to Chennai via Kerala

I love motion. It helps to bring a sense of place. On a train it gives you the movement. On the ground it can be a way to show the business of life on the streets.

In this seriesI look at moments throughout the trip where as busy  as things are, i find some solitude

To see Part 1 of the story click here

For India Part 2 here

and through an iphone here

All these photos were shot with the Nikon D600. The two at night were shot at 6400 ISO. This is a great second camera for me. 24megapixels and full frame make it a great camera, but it doesnt have the autofocus that I am used to, so for now, the D3 is still my go to. For anyone looking to get into a full frame camera on a budget, or looking for video, this is a great camera.