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“Dan Speicher is a very talented photographer. His ability to capture the essence of our family in portrait was evident in the lighting, movement and direction. Dan was fun to work with and his level of professionalism was top tier.”-Jack and Jackie


“Dan is easy-going, extremely nice, and flexible. He is professional, timely, and organized. He did a fantastic job the day of the wedding and our finished photos look great!”-Kristi and Milan


I am a husband, A Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, a Documentarian.

I love this city. The architecture, the food, the history, and most importantly the people. I love that farms are just a few miles away from downtown. I love that people care about their history, and want their story told.

Not only have I captured weddings for several years, but I recently had the privilege of marrying my best friend, Kelly. That’s us below on the beach.

A storyteller at heart, my goal is to capture life, love, and adventure. Since 2001, I have traveled the world with my camera, writing my personal story while working with non-profits and brides to tell their stories. You can view my documentary work at


In the beginning: The year was 2003. A buddy asked me for a seemingly simple “favor”: to shoot his wedding. My knowledge of wedding photography was limited to traditional, posed, portrait-based wedding albums. That day in 2003, I took a chance and decided to approach that wedding as I would any other event or party. Instead of contriving overdone portraits, I aimed to capture the emotion around me. Thankfully, the emotion and energy shone through in the photos, which turned out great. Sometimes, a story just speaks for itself like that.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography-Life of Dan Speicher

My formal education: I continued to study writing and print journalism at the university level. To get access to a studio and darkroom, I took a studio lighting class and a basic black and white class. These courses inspired me; I soon began to pursue photography more seriously. As my seriousness for the subject grew, I began to seek out mentors; for one, I attended lectures by documentary photography James Nachtwey.

Life, Love, Adventure-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

In the midst of this, I contemplated the allure of a well-done photograph. I studied lighting and composition as I sought to create high-quality images. I also thought about the qualities of a good photographer- the ability think quickly, capture a moment, and think with your heart. Now, when I’m shooting, I look at what attracts me to a person, whether it is their beauty, laughter, or uniqueness. Those qualities are the details of your story, and those are the details I capture.

Photography for YOUR life- Pittsburgh Photographer Dan Speicher

Life beyond photography: Beyond photography, I love people, snowboarding, rock climbing, fly fishing, concerts, old black and white movies, The PITTSBURGH STEELERS, , country, rock, blues, jazz, volleyball, wake boarding, skating, mint chocolate chip ice cream, dark chocolate, pizza, my wonderfully supportive family, Jesus Christ my Savior, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, traveling, documentaries, Rwanda, Uganda, Scotland, THE U.S.of A., and (of course) being a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” Cesare Pavese

“A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.” Cullen Hightower

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