Adam and Adrienne are Married-Antiochian Village Wedding

Ive known Adam for a large portion of my life. While we weren’t great friends, we skateboarded and hung out in our younger years, and had mutual friends that caused our paths to cross every so often. When Adam and his fiance’ came to to us for their wedding photography needs, I was excited to work with an old friend. In the process I got to know Adam better, and Adrienne became a new friend.

You can see their engagement session Here.

Their wedding day was beautiful. We started with Adrienne and her girls getting ready at her childhood home, before heading to St Michael’s Orthodox Church for the ceremony. After a beautiful ceremony, we headed to Antiochian Village  for the wedding reception. The room looked incredible. Adrienne pulled the details together beautifully.

One of the things I love about weddings is that its friends and family coming together to celebrate. When everyone is having a good time, it really shows.

Enjoy the photos.

Adam and Adrienne Antiochian Village Wedding

Adam and Adrienne Antiochian Village Wedding

Adam and Adrienne Antiochian Village Wedding
Adam and Adrienne Antiochian Village Wedding

Adam and Adrienne-Early Morning Coffee Session-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

It was a late night, and a long weekend. Sleep was cut short by the sound of my alarm. Normally this is where the hand snakes out, hits snooze, and nudges Kelly. Its my way of sleeping and trying to get her up for work. Ava our lab, jumps onto the bed, and kisses Kelly while whining for me to take her out. This Monday morning, it was so early that even Ava wanted to stay in bed. I took a cold shower to wake up, and made my way outside. I was heading into Regent Square for an engagement session that by most standards was taking place way to early.

Leaving early means I missed all the traffic. With time to kill, I headed to Square Cafe, ordered 3 cappuccino’s and enjoyed the realization that mornings are beautiful. Most people hate mornings because it signifies another day at work. For me, its when I take care of the dog, then grind some coffee as the water boils. Its a morning ritual. Wake up. Nudge Kelly. Turn on the shower. Take care of Ava. Make Coffee. By the time I push the plunger on the French Press, Kelly is getting ready for work. Im watching the news.

This morning was different. No Ava. No waking Kelly. No time for coffee.

The sun was low in the sky when I pulled up to Adam and Adrienne’s new home. We had shot an engagement session in December, and a miserable winter mist had covered Pittsburgh. At one point, I had to put my camera under my jacket because mist had turned to a freezing rain. They were troopers and we kept shooting. Finishing inside for a few more photos while they talked and enjoyed a cocktail. On this Monday, it was perfect. Their neighborhood was quietly waking up, as I handed them their coffee. We headed onto the porch to shoot. All the images were shot within a block of their home. Great light, and love are all that are required for great photos. I can supply the light in the event of bad weather. The rest is up to you.

Enjoy the photos.

Chelsea and Phil-Springdale Veterans Association-Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

Penn State, and the Little Mermaid. Two things that couldnt be further from each other, but for Chelsea and Phil, they are the two themes that ran deeply through their wedding. Chelsea and the girls prepared in her childhood home with her mom and puppy, while Phil and the guys prepared for the big moment over at Our Lady of Victory Church in Harwick. One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Pittsburgh, is that I get to photograph weddings in lots of small communities. With our hills and valleys, each community is uniqe

After the ceremony, and a beautiful dove release and bubble exit, we headed to Oakmont to a beautiful covered space beside the train track for some portraits. After a quick stop at teh beer distributor to refuel, we headed to the Springdale Veterans Association Banquet Hall for the reception. The banquet hall had a beautiful vaulted ceiling with exposed beams, and The Chef and I Catering, provided a great meal. Music and Entertainment was provided by Party Times Productions DJ Steve Lebo.

Thanks so much for having me as a part of your big day.

Enjoy the photos.


Personal Journey in Nicaragua-Pittsburgh Photojournalist

One of the hardest parts of being a photojournalist, is the feeling that I hide behind my camera, and dont interact. Sometimes this is true. For a week in Nicaragua, it wasnt. In the past I have taken tons of photos and been primarily focused on telling the story of Daniel Bain and his wife Jessenia, and the kids that they are working with inside their children’s home.

This year, was different. I barely picked up a camera, I barely took any photos, and while I wish that I had more to show, the experience of leading a team of six people, with my wife Kelly, was worth all the missed photos. The memories of working together, and guiding people through personal growth, and physical labor, was totally worth it.

We started out the week celebrating mothers day with the children from the home. Pizza, games, a pinata. It was chaos. And as the kids ran around, and spent time with their families, seeing the joy that was over flowing, was a pretty awesome experience.

Monday we took the team to La Chureca. La Chureca is the Managua city dump, and until two years  ago, nearly 850 people lived there. Today the families live in houses inside a small community built by the Spanish and Nicaraguan governments. Many people now work in the recycling plant that has been built at the dump, but some families still go out to the dump and forage for anything that may have value. Rubber, plastic, metal, copper. Men and women spend hours digging through garbage to find items of value, and then spend even more time back at home, working to salvage the metal out of tires, the copper out of cables, only to go back out and do it again. It was eye opening to say the least, and the team began to understand more clearly, how our hardest days trying to find work, pale in comparison to what many people around the world do.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we spent time at the childrens home. Tuesday we helped with homework, and Wednesday and Thursday we painted some of the bedrooms.

Friday we traveled around the countryside, and ended the day having lunch and swimming with the kids in a beautiful crater lake, before saying goodbye and leaving Saturday morning.

For me, this trip was about seeing and being a part of the group. No hanging back behind a camera in my own safe world. I played, laughed, chased, splattered pain all over me, led discussions, and spent time making friends, and talking with Kelly in ways we often seem to not have time for.

Till next year Nicaragua, enjoy the photos.